A Word from CEO


This is an exciting time in the financial services industry: new technology like the blockchain and cryptocurrencies are delivering enormous opportunities to bring disruptive change to the financial world. I am inviting you to join this revolution by participating in the OkToken Initial Coin Offering (ICO).


Our ICO will enable the development of the OkToken network: a bold and disruptive vision for trading that will enable all parties to trade on an equal basis, made possible by blockchain technology and the distributed ledger.


By connecting all participants in the network with a set of transparent rules, we can level the playing field, reduce reliance on intermediaries, and increase functionality, recording trades on the blockchain will enable greater transparency, vastly lower the cost of trading, and significantly speed up settlement on e-commerce.


Now you are invited to be part of Pre-ICO, or at a later date you can trade OkToken when they are listed on exchanges. This is your opportunity to be involved from the very beginning.


We're going to change VC investing forever, and we'd be delighted if you joined us.



Kind regards,

Richard Klitsie (CEO)