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about OkePay NZ

OkePay New Zealand Limited (OkePay NZ) is 100% held by Readen Holding Corporation RHCO, a listed venture capital corporation with a history of over 30 years. RHCO has a long history of engaging in the retail trade and more recently its focus was on finding value in distressed assets. This has always been supported by its strong turnaround abilities and disposal of non-performing assets. RHCO has subsidiaries and liaison offices in Europe and Asia.


With an array of new entrants continuing to enter the market, OkePay NZ utilize OkToken to make strategic investments and acquire companies who have unseen potential to scale and add value. We takes a phased-in approach to the focused investment strategy, which not only aligns to key technology and market trends but provides a portfolio of complementing assets that have real synergy.


OkePay NZ has made a strategic decision to pursue an investment strategy that takes an integrated asset approach with a focus on payment’s, ecommerce and their supporting Infrastructure technologies. We will be seeking a structured balance between short-term revenue and long-term outperformance multiples.


OkePay NZ is creating a group of companies that benefits from one another, by leveraging the business relations built within the group. This strategy will act as a slingshot to launch our existing and targeted acquisition companies.

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Through the current restructuring exercise and acquisition strategy, OkePay NZ has positioned itself to be recognised in the payments and e-commerce sectors over the coming years. OkePay NZ takes an interactive approach towards investment with a specific focus on:

Payment Solutions



OkePay is a go-to solution for all online payment needs. A payment gateway solution that enables a merchant to accept all major payment methods that is supported by an easy integration process and active support team. Targeting the SME sector, client acquisition does not need to be industry specific.



RHCO developed Readies, from expert experience within our team, in the e-voucher sector. Launched in February 2021, Readies makes online payments for goods and services without sharing any personal or financial details, which makes it the perfect solution for people who care about their privacy and security, notably in gaming and e-sports sectors.

Referral App


OkeApp is a referral App developed to create an all-new Win-Win-Win scenario for consumers, merchants and people who want to earn extra passive income. By offering discounts to App users / consumers, both online and offline OkeMerchants would enjoy low marketing cost to reach unlimited new customers. And by sharing discount codes, OkePartners would earn considerable income.

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