The Coin


OkToken is a cryptocurrency based on the concept of propagating convenience in venture capital investment and it is this concept that makes it a superior investing solution. OkToken promises to start off a new wave of decentralized and trusted investment in venture capital ecosystem, which would work along with the current platforms.



To bring VC Investing to millions of people around the world, leveraging on the revolutionary technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.



To serve investors through best online services and nudge them towards adopting cryptocurrency based investment system and trading practices.

Features of OkToken

  • OkToken can be exchanged for fiat money / digital currencies / more established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether, as OkToken shall listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges once the ICO is over.

  • OkToken will be based on ERC 20 standard Ethereum-based public blockchain technology. As a consequence, the token will be used as investment in privately held companies, startups, OTC listed companies,etc.


During the ICO, quarterly valuation of investments will be published to solidify our brand identity, while in the later stage, we will be resorting to Initial Exchange Offering to further solidify our commitment to our investors.

Blockchain Technology


OkToken will use ERC 20 standard (Ethereum-based) public blockchain technology. This type of blockchain will allow OkToken to seamlessly integrate with other API platforms and make it easy for consumers to access various kinds of products and services. In addition to that, being in a public blockchain will make the transactions done through OkToken transparent and less susceptible to fraud and hacking.


Banking System Integration


Customers will be able to buy OkToken through linked bank accounts. In addition to that, they will also be able to exchange their tokens for fiat money and send cashbacks to linked accounts.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Integration


OkToken platform will be integrated with cryptocurrency exchanges, which will allow its traders to exchange OkToken for other cryptocurrencies such as, Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin etc. Furthermore, users of OkToken can exchange their tokens for fiat money as well.

Investor's / User's Benefit


The first obvious and direct benefit that investors and users will get is being part of the ICO, as well as, enjoying the offerings of the start-ups, is finding an alternative payment solution in form of cryptocurrency for transacting and to be able to use it easily. There are other benefits such as:


  • Be it buying tokens in ICO or buying / selling tokens in IEO, the payers do not need to deal in fiat money and that makes it all the more exciting. Moreover, the less restrictive environment yet risk-free platform that digital currency provides is an icing on the cake.

  • Investors will get to put their money in highly future-oriented and reliable projects with Brand Equity, which put customer satisfaction above everything else. 

  • OkToken ICO has numerous bonus, referrals, bounty programs other discounts and rewards as a part of its incentives and that makes it a lucrative investment.

  • Users will get to enjoy discounts offered by OkeApp. Various offers, schemes and app extensions will be added to the company's portfolio from time to time.

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