OkToken Data


  • Coin Name: OkToken

  • Coin Symbol: oktoken

  • Coin Price: 1 oktoken = USD$0.10

  • Soft Cap: 500,000,000

  • Hard Cap: 1,000,000,000

  • It is guaranteed that no more Coin will be created or issued after the creation / circulation of 1 billion Coins

ICO Roadmap


1. Incorporation of the company

2. March 1, 2022 – ICO Launch

3. Exchange: OkToken will be available on Uniswap in the early stage and seeking more listing on other exchanges


Token Distribution


Phase 1: 250,000,000

  • Public Sale: 90%

  • Sales Commission: 6%

  • Marketing: 4%

Phase 2: 250,000,000

  • Public Sale: 90%

  • Sales Commission: 6%

  • Marketing: 4%

Use of Funds


After the completion of the ICO, our focus will be on the optimal usage of the funds raised. We will direct the funds into multiple channels for the purpose of overall development of our cryptocurrency and our companies. The results and valuation of the investments will be published in on a quarterly basis.


  • OkeApp Rollout and Marketing: 35%

  • New acquisitions: 35%

  • E-commerce Improvement: 20%

  • Marketing and Placement Commission: 5%

  • Staff Incentive: 5%

Provision for IEO


After the ICO is closed, OkToken plans to launch the Initial Exchange Offering or the IEO to strengthen its brand image characterized by transparency and authenticity of services.


An IEO, in simple terms, is a stage where cryptocurrency-based token sale or trading takes place on a trusted exchange. The token issuing company have to part with a percentage of sold tokens along with listing fees and KYC-AML process is conducted by the exchange to verify the traders. The coins of the company are listed after the IEO is over and this may last as per the need of the startup company that launches it. As opposed to ICO, there is no role of smart contract here and traders have to create an account to be able to participate in exchange trading of coins.

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